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Instant Messaging Software Instant Messaging Software         . . .

Compare and download the best Instant Messaging Software here. Software4free has tested and reviewed the best free Instant Messaging software and come up with two recommendations: ICQ and Yahoo Instant Messenger . Read on . . . . . . .
ICQmac logowindows logo
icq ICQ along with Yahoo Messenger, is the most versatile and user friendly instant messaging software for home users. There are no ads or reminders to join paid services - which make MSN messenger rather annoying to use. The main points:
  • Pros: Free; supports multiuser chat and video chat along with regular IM; simple to use; no advertising; lots of free extras (games, greeting cards, multi-user support, custom skins); good e-mail support
  • Cons: Nothing, really.
ICQ (which is Netspeak for "I seek You" ) is Software4free's Top Instant Messaging Software recommendation.
It is 100 % free, it is the oldest and most respected of all Instant Messaging Software programs and it keeps getting better. You will find all the versatility and features you are looking for with ICQ.
Yahoo Messenger linux logomac logowindows logo
Yahoo Messenger
Yahoo Messenger
Yahoo Messenger along with ICQ, offers the most options for customization and everyday use at home or in the office. It has a host of additional feautures that are fully integrated with the total network.
  • Pros: Free; supports voice and webcam; can be completely customize; additional features include radio, games, a stock tracker, weather, and a planning calendar; taps into all of Yahoo's Internet resources, supports mobile.
  • Cons: No e-mail support.
Software4free likes all the features that allow you to make Yahoo Instant Messenger your own and recommends it as our Number Two Pick. It is easy to sign up, and once you are in Yahoo Instant Messenger you have a world of multimedia and information at your fingertips.
AIM Instant Messengerlinux logomac logowindows logo
AOL Instant Messenger

AIM Instant Messenger is more oriented towards business users than the other instant messaging software we review here, but it still has appeal to home users.
  • Pros: Free; technical support available via web and e-mail; supports voiceconferencing, web collaboration, and mobile & video IM.
  • Cons: Boring interface; annoying advertising and scrolling stock ticker.
AIM is best suited to business. It doesn't let you customize much. Although it is free and versatile, the distracting advertising and restricted user customisation mean that we cannnot recommend it when you have the option of signing up to Yahoo and ICQ .

Windows Live Messengermac logowindows logo
MSN Messenger
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Windows Live Messenger has evolved from MSN Messenger to a capable multi-platform program. It features X-box integration, a Mac copunterparts and a versatile Explorer plug-in called Messenger Companion. Messenger is free, has an attractive Web-based interface and offers good technical support.
Mix Messengerswindows logo
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You need Trillian when you want to exchange Instant Messages with people who use different chat clients than you.
Trillian is a fully featured, stand-alone, skinnable chat client that supports AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo Messenger, and IRC. It supports audio chat, file transfers, group chats, chat rooms, buddy icons, multiple connections, etc.

Trillian - the Swiss Army Knife of Instant Messaging, and 100% Free. has tested the software; it is indeed safe, as the web advertising promises: no charge, no ad banners, no virus, no spyware.